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Hey everybody! I’m Aaron, and they say I’m cute, hence AaronCute.com, the name of my official, very personal site. If you want to know me better and get some really exclusive material, welcome! I was born and I currently live in Russia, in Siberia, it’s coldest and most remote region, probably far from just about anywhere in the world. My home town is close to the Baikal, a famous lake. I’m a high school student. My ambition is to become a pilot. Pretty unusual huh?
I enjoy lots of stuff but music and cinema are probably my favorites. I dig dreamy tunes, ambient, atmospheric breaks, downtempo, deep minimal, this sort of thing. You can actually hear my favorite tracks in my videos. As for the films, I like stuff which sticks with you. I also like to think about what I saw in a movie, you know, trying to understand what it’s all about. Art house movies are my thing, Pedro Almodovar, Kusturica, Burton, Lynch and the like. But don’t you think I’m such an artsy nerd. Playing the guitar, skating and snowboarding float my boat just as much. It’s pretty damn cold here in winter, so one can’t spend much time outdoors. Staying in and browsing the net for hot guys to meet is the thing I enjoy.
I have to say I’m totally addicted to stroking my cock! I would sometimes get myself off 3-4 times a day. It feels great to do this in unusual places, in elevators, attics, onbuses (when there’s no one else there of course), at my friends’ places etc. I do it everywhere I can feel alone for 10-15 minutes. Hell, I’m only 19, so a boner pops up whenever I even THINK about sex! Sometimes my jeans just get too tight because of yet another boner. And now I’m hard :) I kinda feel shy when I know guys arechecking me out, but it turns me on as well. I love when men stare at my bum. I know they like it! I don’t have a regular bf cause I just don’t feel sure enough about what I want. I like young guys for their beauty and older men are cool as well, so experienced and smart. All about twink teen boys.

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